Deborah Kelly

Exhibition open May 4 - June 30


Collage, or photomontage, is a humble, low tech, lo-fi artform just over a century old. In Gods and Heroes artist Deborah Kelly explores its social life and technological potential at scale, from epic to intimate.

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery presents her best-known animation, The Gods of Tiny Things, with its dynamite soundtrack and teeming cast of dancing deities. Made from imagery and sounds collaboratively produced in 'collage camp' at Bundanon Trust, this alluring, award-winning film has been shown in galleries and cinemas all around the world.

Accompanying the film are grand collaborative portraits of artists Latai Taumoepeau and Justin Talplacido Shoulder, the silk velvet 'Floral Clock' memorial, a range of analogue collage artworks and a pair of huge linen prints, CRONE CULT, which will evolve across the course of the exhibition. 

Showing works never before presented together, this exhibition articulates a thread of enquiry across the artist's abiding conceptual and material concerns. 

The Gods of Tiny Things installed at ACMI courtesy Deborah Kelly